All specialists of plastics, who put all their energy so that your projects have the quality which you wish, for the shortest possible periods. To facilitate your first contact with ROTO-SPEC, the people in charge are at your disposal :
President :
Alain St-Onge


General manager : Pièrre Monetta


From a simple sketch or an existing part, « ROTO-SPEC » is able to translate an idea or a design into a « rotomolded » part. Each step is realized in close cooperation with the customer, who entrusts us with the control of the process.
  • Control in the design of the parts.
  • Better quality/cost ratio.
  • Reliability in the design.
  • Control of specifications.
  • Materials adapted to latest technologies.
  • Loyalty, concern of customer needs, reactivity, on-time.
  • Upgrade in productivity for increased competiveness.
  • Ongoing R&D